On September 26, 2019, two food banking presentations and discussions have been organized at elementary school “Vojdan Chernodrinski” in Skopje – Karposh. Both presentations were held with two groups of students from IV-th and V-th grade from the same school. Main focus of both presentations which covered 81 young people was to spread knowledge about food waste and food poverty, as well as to facilitate an opinion sharing session dedicated on how to minimize food waste, save surplus food and redistribute it -safely- to the people in need. For that purpose, children were taught about food banks and their work across Europe and in the country; they were presented with few basic facts & figures about the food waste and food deprivation issue, and subsequently, were asked to think about “how to solve the issue”. Among the many options which were offered and discussed was that, (referring to the FEAD – Fund for European aid for the most deprived program) the European Union should help the country and the organizations which redistribute surplus food to reach and feed as many people as possible. Furthermore, children have agreed that the main obligation to assist the most deprived is by helping them via surplus food redistribution as well as with additional state measures for employment and higher minimum wage. Both presentations have provoked an interesting debate hence, the collaboration between the school and the team may continue in the following period also.

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