On December 31, 2018 WSS management team from Food Bank MK, Organisation of Women, SIBAHE Slovenian Food Bank and European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) have briefly announced the forthcoming call for micro projects from local civil society organisations.

Link to WSS Effect video related to the pre-announcement is available here.

The call for proposals will be officially opened on February 1st, 2019.

Who can apply?

  1. Civil Society Organisations registered and operating in the country.
  2. Organisations who are part of the informal Coalition against hunger and food waste.
  3. Organisations who strive to commit themselves to alleviate food poverty and prevent food waste on local and/or national level.
  4. Organisations who will commit themselves to spread the message about food waste, food poverty and foodbanking on local and/or national level.
  5. Organisations who will work to diversify and empower the informal network – Coalition against hunger and food waste.
  6. Organisations who will work to find best possible ways to help more people in need.

What are the topics you can apply for?

  1. Food – how to improve the access to food for more people in your municipality.
  2. Waste – how to stimulate prevention and reduction of food waste, as well as to increase surplus food donations.
  3. Security – how to target the people which are in most desperate need for help and redistribute surplus food to them.
  4. Sustainability – how to improve our relations with food sector, institutions, citizens and organisations.

For which activities you can apply for?

  • research;
  • awareness rising campaigns;
  • capacity building.

More details will be available on February 1st, 2019.

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