Since of February 2019, a series of meetings dedicated to the drafting of the future surplus food donation law have been held between representatives of the various institutions, CSOs including Food Bank MK and the National Democratic Institute (NDI). Main focus of the meetings which were organized by the Food and Veterinary Agency (FVA) were to define some of the key elements of the future law i.e. the redistribution system, the non-profitable food operators which redistribute donated surplus food, the final benefices or recipients of the donated food &c.
In the following days, as concluded at the last of the meetings on May 29, 2019  it is expected that all involved institutions and CSOs will work jointly to draft the text and offer a precise legal framework for the surplus food redistribution. Some of the institutions and CSOs which are so far involved in the Work Group coordinated by FVA are:

  1. Ministry of Labor and Social Policy,
  2. Ministry of Finance,
  3. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy,
  4. Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning,
  5. Ministry of Local Self-Government,
  6. Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, responsible for economic affairs and coordination with the economic sectors,
  7. Association of the Unites of Local Self-Government of the Republic of North Macedonia (ZELS),
  8. Food Bank MK,
  9. Ajde Makedonija,
  10. National Democratic Institute.
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