On 5th and 6th July 2018, the first 2-day workshop for capacity building of local CSOs from the informal network against hunger and food waste has been organised in hotel “Gligorov” in Strumica. The workshop has been dedicated to foodbanking and to introduction of methodologies for social accountability. A total of 27 representatives from the civil society sector have attended with more than 15 CSOs covered in the training.

Main objectives of the 2-day training has been:

1. To elevate local CSOs knowladge and understanding of foodbanking model, as well as to motivate them for more active, organised and coordinated action against food waste and food poverty in the country and,

2. To give them basic knowledge and understanding of the methodology for social accountability such as, community monitoring, social revision and monitoring and budget analysis.

The “WSS Effect” workshop has been facilitated in close collaboration of all project partners: Food Bank MK, Organisation of Women from Strumica (OWS) and SIBAHE – Slovenian Food Bank with guest trainers from Association of emancipation, solidarity and equality of women (ESE), Skopje. The workshop was an excellent learning and discussion opportunity for all participants and their organisations, and it was an excellent opportunity for building synergy between two different CSOs capacity building projects, both financed by EU – WSS Effect and ESE’s project.

The workshop is considered a success for all partners due to the high level of interest generated among all participants.  Next capacity building activity -networking and learning event- will be organised in the following period.


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