On November 19, 2018,  a conference dedicated to food waste and foodbanking was organised in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Gathered under the “Let us stop the food waste” slogan, WSS Effect partners – Food Bank MK, SIBAHE and FEBA including the Italian Food Bank (Banco Alimentare) and their LIFE project discussed the options for development and expansion of the foodbanking system in Slovenia and elsewhere.

Some of the key points at the conference were focused around few of the following topics:

  • how to establish and maintain partnerships with food businesses and other stakeholders;
  • what kind of national legal environment is required in order to scale up foodbanking results and impact;
  • how to better communicate our messages to stakeholders and general public;
  • how to scale up our own ‘food bank-to-food bank’ collaboration;
  • ensuring food banks’ sustainability via diverse funding opportunities (projects).

The conference was a joint effort of “WSS Effect” action partner – SIBAHE – Slovenian Food Bank and the Head of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, Ms Tatjana Zagorc. It was held at SCC premises (Gospodarska zbornica) in the presence of representatives of Slovenian CSOs and food industry. During the conference, WSS and LIFE projects, both funded by the European Union have been specially presented as good examples for promotion and development of the foodbanking and the anti-hunger and anti-food waste action. As Ms Zagorc, who opened the conference said, Slovenia and the business sector need this type of events to learn how to cut food waste, improve production and distribution and join the Sustainable and Socially Responsible operation which is promoted by food banks.

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