On April 18, 2019 the three candidates for the 2019 presidential elections in the Republic of North Macedonia have vowed to tackle hunger. The elections which are taking place on Sunday, April 21, 2019 are the 6th presidential elections on which one of the three professors will become not only the president of the country but an ally of the informal Coalition against hunger and food waste.

During the ceremony organized by Association “Food for All – Food Bank MK” and funded by the CBF and one of the biggest friends of the food banking in the country, Jeff Leethe three candidates have been greeted by some of the most active food waste and food poverty activists from the 20+ organizations from the Coalition. Further, among the guests from the CSO sector also was Mr Sasa Bogdanovik, Mayor of Centar municipality and an ambassador of Food Bank MK.
Hence, while thinking about who will you vote for – Ms Gordana Siljanovska, Mr Stevo Pendarovski or Mr Blerim Reka bear in mind that you are voting for less hunger too. Just do not forget to remind the next 5th president of the North Macedonia that the Coalition is here to fully support him/her in their anti-hunger action.

Although the particular event was not funded by the EU and it was not envisioned within the action plan, we are sharing the information with you since the WSS Effect message was once again delivered. This time it was delivered to the next president of the RNM.

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