On 31 July 2018, around 30 garbage containers in 3 different locations in Skopje have been “mobilised” by “WSS Effect” team and Association “Food Bank MK” to spread the message that, garbage containers and landfills are not in desperate need of food, but humans, and especially children are.

The stickers with sad-looking faces on them, saying: “I eat better than 60% of the children in the country” were displayed on a series of garbage containers in the center (City Sadion, st. Dame Gruev and Univerzalna sala) of the city in hope that people will understand the gravity of food waste and food poverty in the country; will change their habit to throw good food and most importantly will join the campaign for national regulations preventing food waste.

The guerilla campaign is continuation of WSS Effect’s Facebook diverse “protest” campaigns, such as the “ugly fruits and vegetables protest”.

WSS Effect project is financed by European Union and is being implemented by Food Bank MK, Organisation of Women from Strumica, SIBAHE – Slovenian Food Bank and European Food Banks Federation.

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