text.mk: STOP FOOD WASTE – Food for everyone via change of the existing laws and regulations

20 October 2018, Skopje, half a million of the population in the country live in poverty and face food poverty, writes digital news portal text.mk, in its report on WSS Effect public presentation and debate which happened on October 19th, 2018. “In Skopje only, we need to collect and redistribute at least 13.000 meals to feed the hungry. And it is not only about the people who receive benefits by our institutions but, low-income individuals and families too, need our help. We need to change the legislation to define what is surplus food and who can redistribute surplus food to the poor population in the country”, said Dushko Hristov, president of Food Bank MK.

For more information, please click on the following link.

Unfortunately, all news published in local media are available in local (native) language only. For more information, or in case you are interested to cover a story about WSS Effect and Food Bank MK, please contact the team: contact@wsseffectmk.org

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