On 21 May 2018, second public foodbanking and food waste presentation was held with a group of 25 students from High school “Jahya Kemal” in Skopje.

All students who participated were selected by school representatives based on their interests, i.e. all were members of two “Jahya Kemal” school clubs: EU integration and Red Cross.

Students were informed on “WSS Effect” social media campaign, food waste and food poverty issue, as well as on foodbanking history and mission. The entire presentation was marked by an overwhelming interest and involvement of all students. Due to the interests in the topic, another round of presentations will be scheduled after the summer break.In general, the presentation was well received and successful.

Both presentations, the first one in Strumica and the second one in Skopje aimed to inform students about food waste and food poverty, as well as to motive them to join “WSS Effect” action.The events are part of a series of public foodbanking presentations organised within the frames of “WSS Effect – Building capacities and cultivating accountability for real alleviation of food poverty” project financed by European Union.


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