In August 2018, more than 200 post-cards were designed, printed and disseminated to Members of Parliament, representatives of Government, local authorities, business community, civil society sector and foreign Ambassadors to the country. The activity aimed to raise awareness about food waste and hunger, as well as to motivate key stakeholders to join the informal Coalition against hunger and food waste.

‘Waste less – donate more’, ‘let’s not feed landfills – let’s feed people and economies’, ‘together against food waste’, #EveryBiteMatters were some of the campaign messages that were handwritten and sent to stakeholders’ doorstep (office). The images used on the post-cards were those of strange- and ugly-looking tomato and a bell-pepper which sometimes are wasted due to their appearance.

Don’t throw me away. I too am useful, said the tomato.

It’s not my fault I am this way, protested bell-pepper.

The campaign was second public “WSS Effect” campaign organised in August. The inspiration for the activity came from similar educational and awareness campaign conducted by “WSS Effect” on social media.


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