On October 18, 2018, one day before the public presentation and round table about whether the country needs to establish new food waste law and/or to change existing laws to cut food waste and stimulate surplus food donations, representatives of “WSS Effect” team – Association “Food for all- Food Bank MK”, Organisation of Women from Strumica and Ms Angela Frigo, secretary general of European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) met with prime-minister, Mr Zoran Zaev. Main focus of the meeting was to gain prime-minister’s support regarding the possibility to improve country’s legal framework and with that to enhance foodbanking action and impact in the country. During the meeting, prime-minister Zaev showed special interest in the impact which the Italian food waste prevention law had on surplus food donations. He also was interested to hear the benefits which it offered to food industry in particularly.  Apart from that, project team, Ms Frigo and Mr Zaev spoke about FEBA and foodbanking impact on European level, including some of the last “WSS Effect” developments related to the legal analysis on food safety, food waste, donation and redistribution of surplus food. The meeting was held in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere with prime-minister Zaev encouraging the team to continue with their work and promising to have another working meeting dedicated to food waste and food poverty legislation.

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