W-S-S Effect (food: waste-security-sustainability) is a 3-year project financed by European Union. The project is being implemented in partnership between three organisations and the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA).
The overall objective of the project is to contribute towards the creation of an enabling environment for proper food waste and food poverty prevention and reduction in the country.
The specific objectives of the project are focused on building of local civil society organisations’ capacity and on raising of public awareness for issues such as food waste and food poverty.
The project has officially started in January 2018 and will conclude with a final conference in December 2020.
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“FOOD FOR ALL – FOOD BANK MK”  (FBMK) is a lead partner based in Skopje. Since 2011, the organisation has been working on alleviation of food poverty in the country via campaigning and action for surplus food collection and re-distribution. The organisation is a pioneer in anti- food waste and “rescue” and redistribution of surplus food. FBMK is first Food Bank in the country, and is implementing the foodbanking system of food aid in close cooperation and coordination with the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA).
Locally, FBMK operates in partnership with an informal network of local organisations – Coalition against Hunger (and Food Waste), which was initiated in 2013. This is FBMK’s first EU-financed project.
Learn more about Food Bank MK via FBMK’s website and facebook page.
ORGANISATION OF WOMEN OF STRUMICA (OWS) is a co-beneficiary based in Strumica. The organisation is one of  FBMK’s first partners and is one of most involved organisations in the food waste and food poverty reduction.
The organisation has a mission to ensure that women are actively and equally engaged in all aspects of social life.
Follow OWS work on their website and facebook page.
SIBAHE – SLOVENIAN FOOD BANK is the third co-beneficiary based in Celje. The organisation was established in 2010, and since then has been campaigning against food waste in Slovenia. In year 2012, SIBAHE started gathering surplus food for the deprived people. The organisation, same as FBMK is implementing the foodbanking system of food aid in close cooperation and coordination with FEBA.
Yearly, SIBAHE collects more than 100.000 kg of food, worth more than 500.000 EUR. The distribution of donated food is being organised daily, and in cooperation with 40 charities who offer food aid to cca. 4.800 individuals.
For more information about SIBAHE, please visit SIBAHE’s website and facebook page.
EUROPEAN FOOD BANKS FEDERATION (FEBA) is associate partner based in Brussels. FEBA is a European umbrella non-profit organization and works in collaboration with 24 members and 4 projects in European countries. It represents its membership at European and international level, and support and strengthen food banks in Europe by providing training, sharing best practices, and developing partnerships. FEBA brings together 388 food banks and branches which are committed to fight against food waste and to feed the most deprived. Our members provide 4.1. million meals each day to 8.1 million most deprieved food people through 44.700 charitable organisations thanks to the professionalism of 23.500 co-workers (88% volunteers).
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The project is financed by European Union. The information and views on this web page are responsibility of Association “Food For All – Food Bank Macedonia” and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

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